New Band Focus – Dualesque

The New Band Focus for this month is on Dualesque .

Band Name: Dualesque
Band Members: Stu Copeland – Acoustic Guitar/Vocals;
James Dunn – Keyboard/Vocals;
Dave Robbins – Bass Guitar;
Felicia Potter – Drums

Influences: Jack Johnson; John Butler; Evermore

Style: Pop/Rock

The name: Couldn’t come to find a name that no-one else in the world had – so made up the word Dualesque! Had a nice ring to it….

Upcoming gigs:
Weekly gig at Steves Hotel;
The Basement Lounge, Fremantle 23rd April 2005;
Prince of Wales – June (date to be confirmed)


MP3s: Can download the songs from the EP from the website

Contact Details: Felicia Potter –


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